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I am a foreign exchange enthusiast, talk about the unspoken

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There are more and more people investing in foreign exchange margin trading, and there are more and more brokers providing services. Many brokers provide mini accounts, and the amount of accounts opened has dropped to 50 dollars. The threshold is very low, and there are many people who can participate. Is this fund a reasonable amount for making foreign exchange margin?

I am a foreign exchange enthusiast, talk about the unspoken rules of foreign exchange.

First, let's look at the purpose of everyone doing margin trading:

1. It is to use it to kill time. I think this is very rare. Even if there is, unless the level is extremely high, I don’t think it will last for 50 dollars.

2, want to use this money to start slowly, become the currency market Buffett, then even if your level is higher, over time, doubling every year, I think it is more difficult, don't tell me you can double every month.

3, gambling on a short-term rich, this purpose can be understood, but then think, even if you are rich, can you get rich? Then bet? The casino has no long wins and the results are predictable.

I am a foreign exchange enthusiast, talk about the unspoken rules of foreign exchange.

There is another reason that everyone said the most, and I think it is important to talk about it: use small money to familiarize yourself with this market, learn and learn, and learn to invest heavily. This reason sounds reasonable, but can't stand the scrutiny.

Here are a few points:

1. Use small funds to make and use large funds, and use the simulation disk to make actual funds. The operational mentality is completely different. Just like the winners of the simulation contest, don’t say that the profits are hundreds of times. It may not even be profitable at the time;

2. Since I want to learn, I naturally want to spend money in this market for a long time. This requires a mature trading system. The trading system should include three aspects: fund management, trading mentality and trading strategy. Capital management is the most important. Like me, the margin used for opening a position is 5~10%, and each loss control is 2~3% of the total funds, so my risk is very small, and the loss will not affect the mentality. How does 50 dollars make this kind of risk control? I really can't think of it. Even if the order is the lowest 0.01 standard hand, then the normal stop loss will lose 10~20% of the funds. Don't tell me that you can continue to bear. This kind of loss, I can't. So you enter the market with a small amount of money, and at the outset you lack the most important part of the trading system you want to learn – money management, getting used to nature – the consequences are serious.

I am a foreign exchange enthusiast, talk about the unspoken rules of foreign exchange.

I suddenly remembered this question today, and raised it, friends who can make a deposit can refer to it.

I personally think that the minimum fund for the margin trading should be above $2,000, not for a standard household, but for a mini-house. I will talk about the specific reasons later.

A friend with a foreign exchange trading hobby. If you want to communicate with me and discuss the experience together, you can follow me and then privately. Forex trading is an art. It requires a wider range of communication to explore, to study and exchange, and to have a fate.

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