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Which profession in the financial industry is the most popul

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With the continued development of the financial industry in China, especially the expansion of innovative business and innovation models, the demand for financial talents in the market is increasing. At present, the financial industry is constantly developing mixed operations, and compound talents are crucial to the future business development of financial institutions. Although the demand standards for talents in different industries are not the same, excellent graduate schools, international professional qualifications and cross-border and compound knowledge and experience will become the key trends in the development of talents in the financial industry in the next few years.

As the financial industry continues to develop rapidly, the number of financial practitioners will continue to grow. Although the growth rate of financial workers in 2012 and 2013 has slowed down to 4.45% and 1.91% compared with the average annual growth rate of 7% since 2007. However, under the stimulus of the policy and financial innovation, the growth rate in 2014 rose rapidly to 5.28%, and the total number of employees in the financial industry reached 5.663 million. It is expected that the number of financial practitioners will continue to grow in the next few years.

Which profession in the financial industry is the most popular in the next five years?  (with financial industry salary scale)

So which positions in the financial industry are the most popular in the next five years?

  • President and vice president

In addition to risk control talents, bank presidents and vice presidents also have large gaps. Data show that in the fourth quarter of 2016, the recruitment demand of the president/deputy governor increased by 16.5% compared with the same period of last year. In terms of the distribution of talent demand, the demand for such talents in Beijing, Jiangsu and Chongqing is relatively large , with an increase of 17.7%, 17.5% and 18% respectively compared with the same period in 2015. Since the beginning of last year, a wave of bank executives has started. The most direct fuse is the rapid decline of traditional banks in recent years. The profit growth has been declining, the increase has been worse, the tasks have increased, and some executives have even lost 30%. -40%.

  • Financial Analyst (CFA)

In developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States, obtaining CFA qualification is almost a necessary condition for entering the investment field. Only 35,500 people have passed the exam so far in the world. In mainland China, about 5,000 people currently have this qualification, and the next three years will be for CFA. Demand will continue to increase.

Which profession in the financial industry is the most popular in the next five years?  (with financial industry salary scale)

  • Financial risk manager

Risk control has always been regarded as the lifeblood of Internet finance development. The data shows that in the fourth quarter of 2016, the demand for recruitment of risk control positions increased by 19.8% compared with the same period of 2015, an increase of nearly 20%. In terms of the distribution of talent demand, the demand for talents in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong increased by 21.5%, 15.8% and 18% year-on-year . The demand for talents in the first-tier regions is still tight. In terms of remuneration, the average salary of the position in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong was 11977 yuan/month, 9913 yuan/month and 10218 yuan/month respectively. In the second-tier regions, the average salary in Tianjin and Jiangsu exceeded that of other second-tier cities, which were 10,911 yuan/month and 9,540 yuan/month respectively.

  • Chartered wealth manager

More than 5 years of working experience in financial institutions, with a good economic foundation and at least proficient in two investment fields, the requirements are high and few people can pass.

Which profession in the financial industry is the most popular in the next five years?  (with financial industry salary scale)

  • Investment management talent

The market urgently needs a large number of investment management talents. These investment management talents mainly include venture capital talents, financial leasing talents, financial business representatives, and personal investment consultants.

  • Inspection supervisor

Those who have the ability to compete are only willing to change jobs if their salary is higher than the original 30% to 40%.

  • Securities brokers

As a kind of securities practitioners, securities brokers must pass the securities industry practitioner qualification examination or the securities broker special examination, and continue to have the prescribed securities practitioners practicing conditions during their practice.

  • Trader

The traders mainly serve large investors (investment institutions). They are often traders who have a good grasp of the disk and can grasp the timing of opening and closing positions according to the requirements of customers. In addition, they will be able to detect every subtle change on the disk to reduce the risk. The daily life of the trader is neither nervous nor mysterious, more needs to be careful, and then the rest is boring, because the whole day must be stared at the chart.

Which profession in the financial industry is the most popular in the next five years?  (with financial industry salary scale)

  • Fund manager

According to the "Securities Practitioner Qualifications", fund managers not only need to have a more professional education background and deep research skills, but also have a high moral quality, and must have more than three years of experience in the industry.

They play a vital role in the funds they manage. At present, most of the funds in China are implemented by the fund manager responsibility system under the leadership of the investment decision-making committee. Different funds may have the personality characteristics of fund managers, but the investment authority of fund managers is also limited.

  • Sponsor representative

The total number of people who are called sponsor representatives is currently less than 1,200 in mainland China. A company is going to go public. In addition to asking the sponsors – brokers for listing counseling, they must also be asked to be sponsor representatives.

The average annual salary of a sponsor representative called “Golden Collar Gold Collar” reached 1.5 million! Of course, for a penny, their sponsorship is very important. If they don't sign the project last time, even if the sponsor agrees, the company will not go public; they have high salary and the highest annual salary can reach several million; they are very It is very popular, and many investment banks and brokerages need to “grab” them to “stand up”; but it is difficult to obtain sponsorship qualifications. To become one of them, they must go through “one thousand miles”.

  • CPA

The development of the CPA profession has a huge demand for talents, and the difficulty of the CPA examination is obvious to all. In the words of an industry insider, it is "the examination is difficult, not much better than the Qingtian". The difficulty of researching has intensified the tension of CPA resources and increased the difficulty of recruitment.

  • Asset appraiser

Asset appraisers play an important role in helping companies reduce transaction costs and improve economic efficiency. Existing practitioners are far from meeting the huge demand of enterprises, and the examination of qualification certificates is difficult to pass, which has intensified the recruitment of asset appraisers. Difficulty.

Traditional banks are in recession, and at the same time, the attractiveness of emerging financial industries, represented by Internet finance, is gradually increasing. With the approval of private banks and the accelerating pace of preparation, the demand for related talents has a large gap. The frontline/deputy governor is a front-line management post. Although the total number of positions is not as good as other low-end positions, the increase in recruitment demand Still very obvious.

From the overall situation of the global financial market, it is a common phenomenon that financial industry talents are less cross-industry. However, under the new situation that Internet finance continues to impact the traditional financial industry and financial institutions further develop mixed operations, the demand for compound talents in the financial industry is rising, and it may be expected to break the industrial barriers of the financial industry in the next few years. The flow may rise.

For the talents in the industry, continuously enriching the comprehensiveness of their knowledge will become the key competitiveness of the financial industry in the future.

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