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"Credit Card" 2018 Most worthy of 5 credit cards most wor

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With the popularity of credit cards, more and more people are working on cards. In order to get more wool, many people hold multiple credit cards, but this is not sensible. The more credit cards you hold, the more difficult it is to manage, the more likely it is to be overdue, and it is prone to irrational consumption and bring repayment pressure to yourself.

In general, it is more appropriate for a person to hold 3-5 credit cards. It is not good to do more. Here, Xi Caijun introduces you to the 5 most worthwhile credit cards in 2018.

"Credit Card" 2018 Most worthy of 5 credit cards most worthy of credit card introduction


1. China Merchants Bank YOUNG Card

It is more suitable for college graduates who have just graduated. The threshold is low and there are cash discounts. The key is to raise them well and to accumulate personal credit.

2, CITIC Yanka series

The value of the face is high, the level of the gold card, but the application threshold is loose, and there is work and good credit. As long as you use the card well, you can not only enjoy the 9 points of the CITIC credit card, 9 yuan exchange privilege, but also the amount, up to 50,000 yuan.

3. ICBC World Struggle Credit Card

The World Struggle Credit Card issued by Universe has three levels: Puka, Gold and Platinum. Applicants can apply for their own level cards according to their own card conditions and needs. This card is not only rich in rights, but the application threshold is relatively loose, it is better to start, the card is raised daily, the personal star rating in ICBC is improved, and the credit card is easy to raise. It is worthy of raising.

"Credit Card" 2018 Most worthy of 5 credit cards most worthy of credit card introduction


4. ABC ETC Credit Card

This card is more suitable for car owners who have high-speed crossing requirements. You can get an annual fee if you brush a few times, and you can enjoy the benefits of high-speed tolls, fueling, car washing, road rescue and other car owners. At the same time as the card is raised, the wool is also constantly.

5, safe car owner card

88% of the daily refueling is a relatively powerful right, and it is still in cooperation with PetroChina and Sinopec, and the oil is guaranteed. If you are a car, then the daily refueling pressure will be much smaller, and it is more worthwhile to raise a card.

Author: Zhang Fang / Editor: Liang Daly

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