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New regulations for credit card cashing! These four behavior

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The central bank has recently launched a new rigorous credit card cash card, and card friends have to pay more attention to the daily credit card. In order to maintain the stability of the financial market, some funds are prevented from entering the real estate market. Recently, the central bank issued a notice on “Financial Risk Alert”, which requires banking financial institutions to increase the monitoring of personal business loans and personal consumption loan funds, and prevent consumer loan funds from flowing into the real estate market. All localities have followed up on the risk of strict control of loans.

In fact, not only personal consumer loans, but as long as the funds can not be supervised, even the large amount of credit card cash, is also within the scope of this rectification. In other words, you must be careful when using a credit card in the future, otherwise it will be easy for the bank to cash out.

In order to let everyone better use credit cards and reduce the risk of being suspected of cashing out by banks, let's tell you about some card behaviors that are easily suspected of being cashed out by banks.

New regulations for credit card cashing!  These four behaviors are forbidden


First, often a large amount of credit card

A single large credit card is the easiest to be cashed out by the bank, because in the eyes of the bank, normal credit card spending is small and diverse. The credit card cashing is mainly a large amount and a small amount, and the credit card time is usually within a few days after the billing date.

If you often swipe your card in large sums of times, and each time you swipe your card is concentrated in the days after the billing date, the bank will suspect that you are using a credit card to cash out, and the credit card is likely to be derated or blocked.

Second, often swipe the card at the fixed merchant's POS

We know that POS machines all have IP addresses. If you frequently swipe your card on a fixed merchant's pos machine, then the bank will suspect that you cash out, because in the bank's eyes, credit card cashing is mostly done on the pos machine, often fixed. The person who swipe the card on the merchant's pos machine is definitely not normal, and it is likely to be cashed out.

Third, the same card swipe on multiple pos machines in a short time

The bank suspects that the cardholder has the suspicion of cashing out from the amount, location and time of the card. If your credit card is swiped at different POS times in a short period of time, the bank will naturally suspect that you are cashing.

Fourth, often one-time credit card explosion

The normal credit card consumption should be a little more time to swipe the card, the card scene is richer, Imagine that you often flash the credit card once and for all, I want the bank not to doubt that you are cashing.

I want to say here that credit card cashing is very unacceptable. Don’t be lucky. Once the bank finds you cash out, or suspects that you cash out, not only bad personal credit, but also the application for future loans, and the credit card may be derated. Even a card is possible.

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